« The interest of the community in war is intrinsic to the definition of war itself. Participation in the war dialogue is a right for each member of a community. »

DOYOUWAR is an interactive art project that collects data relating to consent or rejection of war by its participants. It generates statistics and then makes them public, ensuring transparency, anonymity and freedom of expression.

War is by definition a collective phenomenon. Such factors as politics, law, religion, commercial or personal interests, habits and customs, and such means as persuasion and coercion in fact restrict the definition of the term and condemn the collective component to be a single victim.

DOYOUWAR calls on to the individual as a constitutive element of the collective by proposing a system without any interferences and external influences. Each person is free to express his or her opinion totally independently and anonymously.

Transparency, anonymity and freedom of expression, which are fundamental guarantees of the project, are responsibility obligations of each participant. As the only one privy to his or her response, the participant incurs an obligation for reflection and action primarily with himself or herself. Later on statistics gather and combine individual responses for the generation of collective data that DOYOUWAR will make public.

DOYOUWAR entrusts to Why war? (1932 - Albert Einstein and Sigmund Freud) with the role of qualified and relevant analysis in line with the principles and objectives of the project. DOYOUWAR takes part in this free exchange of opinions by giving missing action and statistical data as a result of artistic reflection.

The project is present online on the website and offline through the development and use of a desktop application. Offline presence of the project is limited to universities, museums, exhibition spaces or other places dedicated to contemporary and/or modern art.



Interactive art project